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Anonymous: hi! i just wanted to thank you loads because your blogs makes me feel so much better about my body and sexuality, and thank you for being such a talented and kind person :)

Awww wow, what a lovely message! This is awesome, I’m so glad. And thank you! That really means a lot to me. ♥♥

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sadtrashprince: you have an eternal scout patch on your jacket?!!! i have been meaning to get one for absolute ages i am so jealous wow

I do!! I love it so much. You should totally get one. Shipping to the UK makes it more expensive obviously, so I asked for mine for Christmas.


I really want to cover the whole back of my jacket in patches but so far I only have that one, and Marceline…


…so it looks a bit weird at the moment.

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Anonymous: Are you still friends with Jamie tracedust?

Yeah! We don’t talk so much anymore but we still follow each other and I still think she’s awesome. <3

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Anonymous: Are u like ashamed that u used to be in the 1D fandom or u just are annoyed people ask bc it has been so long?

Oh, no, I’m just annoyed that people ask! I’m not ashamed. Like, I’m still friends with people in the fandom and everything. It’s just that personally, I’m over it. And I feel like that should be obvious by this point, so it’s surprising (and frustrating) how often people ask me questions about them. And I still get a lot of 1D blogs following me, which is puzzling. I mean, obvs they can still like what I post even if it’s not 1D-related. It’s just a little odd and I never know if they’re expecting something they’re just not gonna get.

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Anonymous: are you in one direction fandom???


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cloudyfoots: It finally happened! After years of following you and seeing a bazillion different gifs/pics/whatever of The Dreamers, I decided to actually watch it myself :D But having now seen the film, I'm quite curious about something. If you don't mind telling me, why do you like that movie so much? Not saying that it's not a film worth liking, I'm just curious as to your specific interest in it, because you're clearly such a big fan :)

Oh no, I’m really bad at describing why I love things. :( I think with The Dreamers, it’s not so much that I think it’s this objectively amazing film that everyone must watch, it’s more of a personal significance thing? It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I was pretty young when I first saw it, 15 I think, and it just made such a huge impression on me. I didn’t immediately love it - I was actually pretty freaked out by it at first, but I kept watching out of morbid curiosity, and afterwards I remember telling my friends at school all about the crazy fucked up film I’d just seen. (And then I made them watch it too.) It was just one of those things that like, stuck in my head? I realised that I couldn’t stop thinking about it and talking about it and that it must’ve been because I found it so interesting as well as weird.

The main thing I love about it is the relationship between Theo and Matthew and Isabelle. They started my interest in incest and threesomes, so the movie is obviously going to have a special place in my heart for that, haha. But I remember it made me think critically for the first time about the taboo of incest, and I was also very interested in the three-way relationship and I think subconsciously wanting to experience that. Also, I discovered it around the same time that I was beginning to figure out I was attracted to boys as well as girls, so the fact that Matthew was attracted to both of the twins struck a chord with me.

I can’t really put this into words (I keep trying and failing) but I just really love the way the movie handles the more sexual aspects of the relationship? I feel like the sexuality in the film is just very sweet and innocent, weirdly, because they’re isolated from the rest of the world and just discovering all this stuff on their own and it’s kind of a game until it becomes something more. There’s definitely some shame there but the fact that it’s just the three of them gives them a certain freedom to explore their sexualities in a way that’s really like…I don’t know, genuine. 

I love that they’re so open with each other as well. This is another thing that’s hard to describe, and is better portrayed in the book I think, but I feel like they just kind of totally surrender themselves to each other, for a short time at least. It’s like, anything goes. That lack of boundaries is really fascinating to me. I’m also fascinated by the way that, despite all of that, Matthew is still an outsider to some extent. He never fully manages to come between them, and it’s relatively easy for them to abandon him in the end even after everything they’ve been through together. Idk, in general I just really love all of the characters and the dynamics between them.

ALSO I love the apartment, and the clothes, and the soundtrack, and the actors. I think it kinda made me fall in love with Paris, too, and got me interested in French films in general. But yeah, I’d say the main reason is just the fact that I saw it at an ~impressionable age~ and it was sort of a sexual awakening for me almost.

Okay, so, that turned into an essay. I hope you don’t mind that I’m posting this publicly, I figured I may as well in case anyone else is wondering why I post about the film so much. And I’m glad you finally saw it! I hope you liked it, at least a little bit?? And I hope this goes some way towards explaining why I’m so passionate about it. Though it probably just seems like crazed rambling…

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Anonymous: Please write more 'the night starts here' because it's just the greatest thing I've ever read and I just need it never to end

HI, I LOVE YOU. Thank you so much for this, oh my gosh. I’m so insecure about that story because it’s just been dragging on for a ridiculously long time and I keep worrying that nobody really cares anymore so like, is it even worth trying to finish it? But then, I’m so attached to it, and it’s always kind of in the back of my mind, nagging at me. And so it means SO MUCH that you feel this way.

I was a little disheartened after posting the latest part, if I’m honest, because I didn’t get as much feedback as I used to. I mean, I did expect that, obviously, seeing as it’d been years since I’d updated. And of course that’s not the only thing that matters anyway - this is a story I’m writing for myself more than anything, because it’s really special to me and has been ~a part of my life~ for so long now. (I was only like 16 when I started it, I think!!) But yeah, knowing that other people are still interested really really helps!! I can’t promise anything, but I have written out a sort of plan for the rest of it, and I do hope to carry on. An actual ending seems like a long way away, but I would really love to get there someday. And hopefully it won’t be when I’m like…35, which is how it could go if I continue on at my current rate. :|

Thanks again, so so much. I genuinely get nervous whenever I see that I have an ask but this one was just the nicest surprise!! 

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Anonymous: All of your PC commentary gifsets are amazing. I was on tumblr for a couple of years, but now I just go through tags every now and again and found your posts! I think I was LJ friends with you back in the day...if your username is the same as your tumblr...I was ledashann on there :)

Omg hi! I remember you!! ♥ It’s so cool to hear from you again and I’m really glad you’re enjoying the gifsets. Thank you. :) I’m totally getting back into Narnia mode at the moment so there are definitely more of those to come. (And I’m working on some fic, too!)

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Anonymous: Yeah it's kind of a crappy film but for some reason it gets better towards the end when it gets all serious and the last scene actually made me cry, which i was not expecting at all! she acts so well in it - so much more mature than in CoN!!

That’s really good to hear! I hope she gets more work, I’m so emotionally invested in all the Narnia cast’s careers haha. I haven’t had a chance to watch yet but I’m looking forward to it. I’m not so bothered about the movie being crappy as long as Georgie’s acting is good, if that makes sense? I’m sure I’ll enjoy it because of her, anyway.

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Anonymous: Have you seen Georgie Henley in Perfect Sisters yet?!

No but I just downloaded it today and will watch it as soon as I get a chance! It looks kind of crappy tbh but I AM EXCITED NONETHELESS. Because Georgie. 

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