26 Sep 14
i came across this and thought you might like it :) brides*com/blogs/aisle-say/2014/09/deer-wedding-photo-bomb*html

[x] Omg that’s amazing! I don’t want to get married, but if I ever do, I will now be sorely disappointed if the photos don’t have deer in the background.

Thank you for sending this. :)


14 Sep 14
oh is today your birthday ? i hope you had a great day so far ! :D and of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY xx

It’s tomorrow, but aww thank you!! I’m not super looking forward to it but this is really nice of you. 


8 Sep 14
i just wanted to say that you're a big inspiration for me. you're a bit of my rolemodel. :) and im glad that ive been following you this long. xxx

This is very very sweet and also a little bit bewildering. I don’t feel like I could possibly be a role model to anybody, but, thank you. 

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4 Sep 14
Have you watched the other series of GBBO yet? I think you'll really love series 2 and 3. In series 2 there's a really cute fail baker named Rob who has pretty green eyes and wears a lot of jumpers

I haven’t! I’ve been considering it though and that is a v convincing argument, so thank you. :)

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3 Sep 14
After seeing all your posts about A Secret History, I finally got around to reading it. I just finished it and really, really liked it. I was wondering what other books you like or if you have any recommendations?

First of all, I’m flattered by this question and also thrilled that you enjoyed The Secret History because YES GOOD IT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER. But it’s actually kind of rare for me to come across a book that I really really love, I can be quite picky? So it’s hard for me to think of ones that I love enough to classify as favourites or recommend to people.

But The Secret History is definitely my favourite, along with everything Douglas Adams has ever written. His stuff is obviously completely different, but I didn’t feel like I could talk about books I like without mentioning him! Because you liked TSH I would recommend Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch as well, but I’m iffy on The Little Friend…I read it recently and it was good, but the ending is maddeningly inconclusive. So, it’s probably still worth reading if you like her style, but be prepared to feel extremely unsatisifed by it. (EXTREMELY.)

I like almost everything I’ve read by Haruki Murakami - my favourite of his is probably The Wind-up Bird Chronicle which I’m rereading at the moment. That’s a heavy one to start with though so if you’ve never read anything of his before, I’d recommend The Elephant Vanishes which is a collection of short stories that would give you an idea of his style. I also like The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, and The Dreamers by Gilbert Adair. And there are a couple of books I’ve only read once and found difficult to get through, but still loved and would recommend - Ada or Ardor by Nabokov, and House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski. (The latter is a real challenge, it’s more like a scary maze than a book? But so cool!)

That’s probably it except for like, Harry Potter, and His Dark Materials, which I think everyone should already have read anyway.

(It’s probably worth noting that Middlesex, The Dreamers, and Ada or Ardor all have incest in them. Because I am nothing if not predictable. If you read TSH you’ve obviously dealt with the subject before but I thought I should mention it in case it’s something you prefer to avoid!! But if you’re a weirdo like me and have a particular interest in it, feel free to ask for incest-specific book recommendations…because I have a bunch of those…)

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30 Jul 14
hi! i just wanted to thank you loads because your blogs makes me feel so much better about my body and sexuality, and thank you for being such a talented and kind person :)

Awww wow, what a lovely message! This is awesome, I’m so glad. And thank you! That really means a lot to me. ♥♥

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29 Jun 14
you have an eternal scout patch on your jacket?!!! i have been meaning to get one for absolute ages i am so jealous wow

I do!! I love it so much. You should totally get one. Shipping to the UK makes it more expensive obviously, so I asked for mine for Christmas.


I really want to cover the whole back of my jacket in patches but so far I only have that one, and Marceline…


…so it looks a bit weird at the moment.

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26 Jun 14
Are you still friends with Jamie tracedust?

Yeah! We don’t talk so much anymore but we still follow each other and I still think she’s awesome. <3

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23 Jun 14
Are u like ashamed that u used to be in the 1D fandom or u just are annoyed people ask bc it has been so long?

Oh, no, I’m just annoyed that people ask! I’m not ashamed. Like, I’m still friends with people in the fandom and everything. It’s just that personally, I’m over it. And I feel like that should be obvious by this point, so it’s surprising (and frustrating) how often people ask me questions about them. And I still get a lot of 1D blogs following me, which is puzzling. I mean, obvs they can still like what I post even if it’s not 1D-related. It’s just a little odd and I never know if they’re expecting something they’re just not gonna get.

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23 Jun 14
are you in one direction fandom???