@ 10:26 AM


TRACK: Sleeping In
ARTIST: The Postal Service
ALBUM: Give Up
10,831 plays ♫


Sleeping In • The Postal Service

@ 1:40 PM


TRACK: With Every Heartbeat
ALBUM: Robyn
5,397 plays ♫


Robyn | With Every Heartbeat

@ 10:26 PM


TRACK: Hang Me Up To Dry
ARTIST: Cold War Kids
ALBUM: Robbers & Cowards
2,159 plays ♫


Hang Me Up To Dry || Cold War Kids

Now hang me up to dry
You wrung me out too, too, too many times
Now hang me up to dry
I’m pearly like the whites wh-whites of your eyes

@ 3:05 PM


TRACK: Pretty Little Head
ARTIST: Eliza Rickman
31,089 plays ♫


Welcome to Night Vale 45: A Story About Them

Eliza Rickman - Pretty Little Head

Get it here: http://www.elizarickman.com/

@ 4:16 PM


TRACK: Pu$$y 
ARTIST: Iggy Azalea
ALBUM: Ignorant Art
72,093 plays ♫


Pu$$y | Iggy Azalea

@ 11:20 AM


TRACK: A Movie Script Ending
ARTIST: Death Cab For Cutie
ALBUM: The Photo Album
1,107 plays ♫


A Movie Script Ending - Death Cab For Cutie

With your hands on my shoulders, a meaningless movement, a movie script ending.

@ 2:20 PM


TRACK: Gold Mine Gutted
ARTIST: Bright Eyes
ALBUM: Digital Ash In A Digital Urn
1,073 plays ♫


Bright Eyes - “Gold Mine Gutted”

So dope.

@ 4:30 PM


TRACK: Fresh Blood
ALBUM: Hombre Lobo
1,309 plays ♫

@ 11:10 PM


TRACK: Never Let Me Go
ARTIST: Lana Del Rey
ALBUM: Unreleased
32,131 plays ♫

I can be your Nancy, You can be my Sid,
Get into some trouble like our parents did
@ 2:43 PM


TRACK: I Might Survive
ARTIST: Architecture In Helsinki
ALBUM: Now + 4eva
783 plays ♫

I Might Survive by Architecture in Helsinki