19 Jun 14


Narnia Cast friendships

  • Skandar Keynes & Georgie Henley
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21 May 14
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4 May 14
I’m absolutely 100% tired of seeing canonically queer characters, especially lesbians on TV put into heterosexual contexts, even if they have an ulterior motive for doing it. It’s almost as bad as using lesbian characters to titillate the male audience. That’s the last thing TV shows need. And by the way, making a butch canon lesbian character more feminine is disturbing as well, because it denies someone’s personhood and mode of representing yourself in the way you feel most comfortable about. Lesbian characters should be shown in every ways, not just one. That counts for either being butch or feminine. Those things have nothing to do with whom a person wants to sleep with. And I will repeat it again.
The way you look has nothing to do with the people you want to sleep with. End of story. Making Margot turn out to be more “conventionally pretty” in ways that are accepted by society and then having her sleep with Will has done nothing but let the story and its social context go 100 steps back.
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25 Apr 14

“My favorite one to eat pizza with is Anna. My favorite one to go to the gym with is William. My favorite one to mock and be mocked by is Skandar, and my favorite one to hug is Georgie.”

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5 Mar 14


Eva Green and Lena Headey making selfie

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3 Mar 14
Kill Your Darlings (2013)
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26 Feb 14

'How did she know to call Reid?' 

'Nathan set Reid's business card on the table before he cut himself, like a suicide note.' 

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13 Feb 14

TLW meme:  Friendships/Relationships {1/?} » Shenny
→  You’re my best friend. You know that?”

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23 Jan 14
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19 Jan 14
"We’ll be at Hogwarts in ten minutes," said Professor Lupin. "Are you alright, Harry?"

Harry didn’t ask how Professor Lupin knew his name.

-The first time Lupin addresses Harry by his name

Rereading the books, this interaction breaks my heart. Because the first time you read it, you assume Lupin knows who he is because he’s Harry, and that he recognises his scar or he’s seen Harry’s picture in the papers, maybe. But once you’ve read the books, you know that it’s because Lupin’s seen that face before. Harry looks only a little older than James did when Lupin first met him - he probably still has photographs of the Marauders at that age. Harry looks about the age that James did when he found out that Lupin was a werewolf - a terrible, dangerous, Dark creature - and told Lupin that he didn’t care. He looks exactly like James did when he was a teenager - except with Lily’s eyes.

Lupin recognises Harry because it’s the face of his best friends’ son. He probably held Harry as a baby, not long after he’d been born, with James and Lily smiling happily over him. He probably watched Harry toddle around their house in Godric’s Hollow when he was first learning to walk. 

And it reminds Lupin of everything he lost that night when James and Lily died, and Sirius went on the run. 

That’s how he knows Harry’s name.

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