13 Feb 14
Where has all your 1D fic gone on AO3?

I orphaned them, so they’re still there, just not linked to my account. If you search by the title you should be able to find them. They’re all still on my LJ too, so you can read them there or use my masterlist to remind yourself of the titles and then search on AO3.

(I’m not trying to pretend I didn’t write them or anything, just wanting a bit more distance from the fandom still. Sorry for the inconvenience!! I didn’t realise it would be a problem because when you follow a link to one of the stories it still works as normal, but I didn’t think about people just going to my page and thinking they’d all vanished!)

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16 Jan 14
can i ask why you're not in the one direction fandom anymore? It makes me so sad and scared whenever someone leaves the fandom and you were pretty involved what with your great fanfic so what happened?
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4 Aug 13
You don't like One Direction anymore? (I hope this question doesn't bother you)

I actually keep getting asks like this, probably once every few weeks. I’ve just been ignoring them so far, because I figured it was a question that didn’t reeeally need answering? But apparently not. Not to be rude, anon! It’s just, y’know, I haven’t posted anything One Direction related in about six months (aside from that one picture of Louis’s deer tattoo) so I figured it was sort of obvious. But, to be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about this publicly, so it makes sense that some people might be kind of wondering what the deal is.

Basically, no, I don’t! I mean, I don’t DISlike them, but I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as a fan anymore. I guess I’m still vaguely curious about some of the stuff they do (I still follow people who post about them), but as time goes on I feel like I’m caring less. It was just that the fandom was stressing me out, at first, and that made me take a step back, and then that resulted in me gradually losing interest over time. And honestly, I had a lot of fun in the fandom, but…I really, really needed to leave it. It was just way too much for me, in various ways. I never made any kind of announcement because at the time I started to back out, I didn’t know it was gonna be permanent, and by the time I realised it WAS, it felt a bit late to mention it and I was never comfortable with the idea of turning it into some big official thing…

But, yeah, that’s how it is. Anyone who’s still holding out hope that I might one day start blogging or writing fic about them again…it’s not gonna happen, I’m sorry! And I’m sorry if this response sounds harsh in any way - I still have some residual frustrations with my experience of the fandom, I guess, and it wasn’t exactly a clean break for me. :/